June 15, 2024

Another lesson in anicca

On this day however, I felt as if I had reverted to my pre-course monkey mind with it’s incessant chattering and that I had lost progress. The teacher kindly explained that often when he feels like he’s making great progress, it’s a sign that such feelings won’t last long! He assured me that I was doing fine and that everything was how it should be. Later that day, my concentration returned and continued to improve. Another lesson in anicca (impermanence). Everything changes.

Dhamma Kunja mens walking area

The evening discourses are different from those heard in other courses. Goenka puts great emphasis on the importance of truly understanding impermanence and the value of a Sila (morality) as a foundation in our lives. Several of the discourses were particularly interesting. During one of them, Goenka speaks at length on the subject of the eight Jhanas (absorption samadhi). In another one, he talks about how we are our own ancestors.