June 15, 2024


With the advent of commercially available microprocessors, I designed the first digitally controlled electronics A.C. power supply used by NASA and the military. In 1985, I moved to Oregon, where I worked as Chief Engineer for Sunn Musical Equipment Company, designing analog and digital audio electronics. A few years later, I was hired by Epson Corp. as one of their first computer engineers in the U.S.

I have extensive experience in computer programming, project management, software development, manufacturing, and Quality Assurance; working with small and large sized technology companies. I am an accomplished and published graphic artist, experienced in image, audio, video and 3D model creation and production.

As an avid bicyclist, I have been seen commuting 30 miles to work every day, year round – through rain, hail, sleet, snow and the infamous Troutdale winds.

As a practitioner of an ancient meditation technique called Vipassana, I maintain a contemplative lifestyle which enables me to focus my attention on inner exploration and personal growth.