May 19, 2024

With Metta

Enough cannot be said about the tireless volunteers who serve these courses. Twenty days is a long time to serve. Their (servers) day begins early and ends late. They spend their time cooking, cleaning, meditating and doing various things to make sure those of us sitting the course have everything we require. It’s really amazing how people I don’t even know, willingly serve my needs so that I can completely focus on meditation.

We spent the rest of day 20 talking for a few hours, packing our belongings, meditating, cleaning our rooms and preparing for leaving the next day. In our case, we needed to arrange transportation back to Portland. Jeanne and I rode home separately, because no one had enough space for both of us. I ended up riding home with a software developer who was on his way moving to San Diego. Jeanne rode back with a nurse from Eugene.

Now here it is a little over one week since we returned. We have many plans, and projects in the works. In some ways, even though it was only 20 days, it feels like we’ve come back from a long journey to a world with promise and peace.