June 15, 2024

Meditator Mary

It was a beautiful Spring day when our friend and fellow meditator Mary, picked us up and drove us to the Center. Mary returned to Portland after dropping us off. We don’t have a vehicle and we were very grateful to Mary for giving us a ride. Normally, ride-share is not a problem, but these long courses tend to have fewer people attending and less likelihood of someone going there who lives near us.

We arrived a bit late around 6pm, registered, and were assigned our rooms. Normally, the residences at this center, consist of double-rooms, but in the case of long courses, each student has both rooms along with their own private bathroom.

Some long-course centers have meditation “cells” where students may meditate in solitude, but Dhamma Kunja hasn’t constructed those yet. This is why we had the extra area in our rooms.