June 15, 2024

Male sexual dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder of sexual function in which a man cannot achieve the level of erection necessary for sexual intercourse. It is often referred to as impotence, that is, lack of potency. This is not a separate disease, but a symptom of many diseases of the endocrine, sexual, cardiovascular systems. Decreased potency also almost always accompanies age-related changes in the body.

Treatment of impotence

In the treatment of impotence at the moment there are three areas – pharmacotherapy, vacuum erector therapy and surgical methods. There are a large number of effective medicines that have a positive effect on potency. Some of them are taken orally, as well as developed methods of injection of drugs into the cavernous body of the penis. 

Treatment of erectile dysfunction almost always begins with the least invasive method, that is, taking pills. If this method is ineffective, then injections are prescribed. Only then proceed to hardware methods of stimulating an erection, and as the final stage of treatment prosthetics is offered. Sometimes a combined treatment that combines several methods is shown. Assign drugs for raising an erection should only be a doctor, since most of them have a large number of side effects and are contraindicated in a number of diseases. Treatment of impotence in men, as a rule, takes a long time. 


In the treatment of impotence in men, medications can be used:

  • Orally, in the form of pills;
  • Intracavernosal, in the form of injections into the cavernous bodies of the penis;
  • Intraurethral – by injection into the urethral solution.

When choosing a drug for the treatment of impotence, the doctor takes into account the condition and age of the patient. The remedy should be as effective as possible and have a minimum of side effects for the particular patient. If you want to find reliable medications, then visit https://svensktapotek.net/.

As a rule, the treatment of impotence begins with taking pills, in case of their ineffectiveness proceed to intracavernous injections. Combined treatment with means of general and local action is possible, it allows achieving a greater effect, as these drugs reinforce each other’s action. Selects remedies only from a doctor after careful examination of the patient and taking into account the existing chronic diseases. In addition, in many severe diseases, sexual activity is in principle contraindicated, especially stimulated artificially.