July 16, 2024

Extend our meditation beyond

Goenka asks us to extend our meditation beyond the sitting position. We are encouraged to maintain a meditative state of mind at all times. The eventual goal is to remain aware day and night. In this case, I confess I fall short.

Buddha said: “indeed monks, whoever practices this fourfold establishing of awareness in this manner (constant thorough understanding of impermanence) for seven years (maximum), he may expect one of two results: in this life the highest wisdom, or, if a substratum of aggregates remains, the stage 0f non-returner“.

The trick in the above statement, involves the words “constant thorough understanding of impermanence“. Achieving those few words in practice, is probably the most difficult thing anyone can do. Personally, I am very far from the “final goal”, but I have definitely made progress since I began practicing this technique.